February 25, 2023

Ryka Aprameyan - Evergreen Valley High School


Evergreen Valley clinches a CCS Finals appearance by defeating Carlmont High School Thursday night. After the game I had a chance to interview Evergreen Valleys star point guard Ryka Aprameyan. Ryka is currently a junior at Evergreen valley High School and was recently selected to the All State Girls Basketball 2nd team!

How do you maintain a healthy balance between academics and basketball?

  • I have a planned out schedule, I come home from school and start my homework. I am in a few AP classes so it takes me a while to do all my work and study for tests. I come back for practice then go back home, finish my work and end the day with sleep. 

How do you prepare yourself for game day?

  • I come home and try meditating or laying in bed for a bit to take a nap. I eat a small snack before the game. I get the game with my whole team and we get into the game spirit. Everyone is locked in and we make sure we get all of our shots in. 

How does the coaches influence make you a better team?

  • Every practice we have a new drill or a new skill that we learn. Could be a 1v1 or a 3v3. We practice that over and over. When we have a game it translates from practice to the game and we can see the practice paying off. 

What are your top college choices?

  • If I could get offers from D1 schools my top choices would be UCI, UCLA, Berkley, Northwestern and Northeastern. 

What are your goals for your senior year?

  • I want to get my stats all around the board. I want to make sure every time I step on the gym I am focused and don’t have a big off day. If I’m not doing good in one aspect of the game how can I be better in another and not bring my team down.

Do you have any advice for new high school basketball players?

  • You have to put a lot of time towards your academics and your basketball career. Be sure you are on top of your grades and make sure every time you step on the court it's your best game. For tryouts, come in really prepared and don’t overcomplicate things and don’t overthink. At the end of the day if it’s not the results that you want you have to work harder.